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SU Rewards Coordinator - ONLINE

Wed Mar 11, 12:00 PM - Fri May 15, 11:59 PM
Program Type:
Volunteer Training
Volunteer Training

SU Cookie Rewards Coordinator is easy as 1 - 2 - 3! Receive, Count/Sort, & Distribute!

Receive and Distribute Rewards
Cookie Dough and some of the girl rewards will be available for pick up at GSOC.
All other rewards will be shipped to the address listed under the “Service Unit Information” under Council in

The Service Unit Cookie Rewards Coordinator will:

  • Open each shipment immediately when it arrives
  • Verify the items and quantities received match the packing slip exactly (Do not distribute any items to
    troops before completing this step)
  • If more rewards are received than listed on report, the SU Cookie Rewards Coordinator will
    ask you to run a new Rewards Order Summary by Troop report. Sometimes errors are
    caught and fixed by GSOC which may change the number of recognition items received.

Return any extras to GSOC

  • If shorted on delivery and/or additional items needed, complete Rewards Adjustment form online at Upload a copy of the packing list(s) noting any extras or shortages. GSOC will
    notify SU Rewards Coordinator when ready for pick-up. (Please allow 2 weeks)
  • Count out Rewards for each troop using the Rewards Order Summary by Troop report.
  • Contact the Troop Cookie Coordinators to arrange for the pick up of their rewards.
  • Have the Troop count out items received in your presence, verifying against their Rewards Order
    Summary by Troop report.