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Girl Scouts of all ages have fun, make new friends, and try new things, developing lifelong values and skills that prepare them for academic success and a strong future, no matter what path they follow. As girls discover themselves and their values, connect with each other, and take action to make the world a better place, they achieve important leadership outcomes.

Here are a few of Girl Scout of Orange County’s areas of focus with examples of badges, journeys, and activities.


Financial Literacy

Girl Scouts offers girls of all ages the opportunity to build their business savvy and hone their financial literacy skills through badge programs, online learning, and, of course, through the Girl Scout Fall Product and Cookie Programs. As girls learn to handle money and become self-reliant, they are also learning how to bring their own values to the business world and how to use their time, talent, and resources (including money!) to make the world a better place.

Girl Scout Fall Product and Cookie Programs

The Girl Scout Cookie Program focuses on 5 essential skills: goal setting, money management, decision making, people skills and business ethics. Girls can earn a variety of financial literacy and business badges for every level.

Financial Literacy Badge Examples

Money Manager
Business Owner
Financing My Future
Good Credit



Girl Scouts introduces girls of every age to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) experiences relevant to everyday life. Whether they're discovering how a car's engine runs, how to manage finances, or completing an energy audit for a building, girls are developing STEM skills that will help them, no matter what path they follow.

Leadership Journey Examples

All Levels: It's Your Planet: Love it!

S.T.E.M. Badge Examples

My STEM Life- Cadettes

Home Scientist
Entertainment Technology
Science of Happiness




In Girl Scouting, travel presents girls the opportunity to learn about themselves, other cultures, new places, and the outdoors as they prepare, plan, budget for their trip, and engage in Take Action Projects. Through these once-in-a-lifetime experiences girls will continually expand their horizons by sharing ideas with women and girls globally by participating in regional, national, and international trips. Click here to see all of the opportunities for travel

Trip Categories by Level

All Levels: Field Trips
Brownies+: Overnight Trips
Junior+: Extended Overnight Trips
Cadette+: National & International Trips

Leadership Journey Examples for Travel

Brownie: A World of Girls
Senior: Mission: Sisterhood

Travel Badge Examples

Digital Photographer



Girl Scouts benefit immensely from their time outdoors: they experience personal growth and empowerment, try new things, overcome fears, and learn teamwork and leadership skills. The open space of the outdoors, combined with the calming effects of nature and the opportunities for new experiences and growth, constitute an ideal setting in which girls can explore, observe, learn, and give back to their peers and their communities.

Leadership Journey Examples for Outdoors

Brownie: WOW! Wonders of Water
Cadette: Breathe
Senior: Sow What?


Day camps in locations throughout Orange County, weekend and resident camp at Camp Scherman.

G.A.M. (”Gathering of All Mariners”)

Annual event for Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors to demonstrate their nautical skills.


Annual event for Girl Scout Cadettes to test outdoor skills and knowledge.

High Adventure

Check out the High Adventure Approved Vendors List and the High Adventure Activity Application.



Healthy Living


With a variety of activities and more than 60 badges focused on self-esteem, healthy relationships, and positive lifestyle choices, girls strengthen their physical, social and emotional health, preparing them for a healthy and independent future. Healthy living activities are woven throughout the Girl Scout program in varied ways to provide girls with choice and flexibility.

Leadership Journey Examples for Healthy Living

Daisy: Between Earth and Sky
Brownie: Brownie Quest
Junior: Get Moving!
Cadette: aMaze!
Senior: Mission: Sisterhood
Ambassador: Bliss

Healthy Living Badge Examples

My Best Self
Staying Fit
Simple Meal

Healthy Living Special Programs

“Healthy Habits” Journey Booklets
Be a Friend First (BFF)

Highest Awards

Girl Scouts' Highest Awards – the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards - give girls an opportunity to make a lasting difference and set the stage for a lifetime of achievement. The Girl Scout Research Institute found that girls who engage in Take Action projects report that these projects helped prepare them to play an active role in their communities in the future.


Highest award in Girl Scouting, unique girls identify community needs, become problem solvers, advocate for an issue, educate and inspire others to act and create sustainable change.


Highest award a Girl Scout Cadette can achieve, girls demonstrate that they are organized, determined, and dedicated to improving the world around them.


Highest award a Girl Scout Junior can achieve, girls work as a team to plan and complete a project.